2016 Bouquinales

In 2016, for the seventh edition of the Bouquinales (22 to 24 April), Les Lettres Européennes are delighted to cooperate to this well-known event with the following highlights:

a)      April 22 :movie meeting about Pasolini at les “Arcs en Ciel”( a cinema in Hazebrouck) at 7pm.

Pasolini is a film-maker, a novelist and a poet. He even is on the syllabus of the literary bacalauréat (A levels). The projection of the film “Théorème” was followed by a discussion on Pasolini with the Bouquinales guests : Fabio Gambaro, a cultural journalist at La Republica and Pierre Adrian, author of “La piste Pasolini”.

b)      April 23 : Round-tables

3.15 pm. Literature and cinema round-table presented by Fabio Camparo, a literary critic at “La Republica” together with Yann Le Bohec (Spartacus) and Pierre Adrian (La piste Pasolini), with Anna Muller a student at ESPOL (European School of Political and Social Sciences).

4.30 pm: Meeting with Andrei Kourkov. The author of The penguin  had conversed with Jean-Louis Mignot ( a Belgian diplomat in Moscow at the time of the former USSR) and Guy Fontaine on topics related to the new European geopolitics and today’s relations between Russia and Ukraine, in collaboration with Vincent Dewaguet, a student at ESPOL (photos)

c)       April 24

Meeting with Jean-Baptiste Baronian for his Dictionnaire amoureux de la Belgique (Amorous dictionary of Belgium).

3.30 pm : Christian Ghillebaert had presented this meeting with Jean-Louis Mignot, former ambassador of Belgium. They had talked about “belgitude” (Belgian attitudes and ways of being). A great witness had talked of his own approach of Belgium by reading some extracts from this dictionary.


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