A History of European Literature chapter 16 : After the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

a)Between now and June 2016 the publishable papers from the April 2015 symposium After the Fall of the Wall, a new literary geography in Europe? will be sent to those specialists who have chosen to work on the new chapter 16 of the planned reedited version of A History of European Literature.

b)Similarly the questions drawn up during the working session held in July 2015 at the University of Ulster will be sent to the group of above mentioned specialists.

c)The participants in the symposium held in April 2015 at the University of Lille 3 can, if they wish, rework their papers for publication in the Acts of the Symposium in accordance with points a) and b)

d)Before June 2016 a list of contributors who have agreed to send submissions will be communicated to all members. We would be grateful if everyone could confirm their participation in their area of expertise and to provide names of other specialists in the literary domains yet have covered.

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