Account of June 25th 2013

A digital edition of the European literature History for the general public and school audiences of our continent 

From Strasburg, Lille, Brussels, Paris and Ulster, 17 partners interested in the enriched digital edition of the European literature History have met in the Imaginarium Excellence Center(Tourcoing) on Tuesday June 25th 2013 for a founding meeting.

Contents and prospects.

a)    New impulse aimed at the English speaking public.

b)   The digital publishers interested in the works about The European Literature History present their proposals.

c)    The issues of the structuring of the educational digital technology.

d)   Open conclusion.

Les Lettres Européennes Association thanks all the participants if they would be willing to tell them what digital publication, what founding text presenting on 21th century media our common literary and artistic treasures they wish to elaborate with them.

Do you wish to give your scientific support, under the form of contribution or official support to our project?

Do you wish to appear as co-editor and thus as co-financier of the project?

As a territorial authority or international institution or an emanation of a national government, do you accept that the project you contribute to start has crossed financing?

Thank you dear colleagues, dear friends, dear hosts, you who took part in this founding meeting of June 25th, thank you for answering this three-fold question as soon as the  beginning of July, before leaving for the summer holidays. We will refine these questions requiring an answer on your part, allowing us to send you a synthesis by September 1st.

The next meeting/ progress account will take place on Monday, November, 11th, 2013. (Maybe in Strasburg on the occasion of the European Literature Prize Jury? In Lille? ) We would like to hear from you for the final choice of the place.

Waiting to read from you, have a nice summer.

In the name of Les Lettres Européennes Association.


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