Article in Le Monde Des Livres.

Today’s Le Monde des Livres greets the unique testimony of Boris Pahor, a survivor of the death camps, stammering the alphabet of life some ten years after Bergen-Belsen horror.

He re-learnt this primal ABC in Lille on May 1st 1945.

He came twice in the Lycée des Flandres to testify( May,4th,5th) and for Boris Pahor, who has experienced the Struthof, Dachau, Dora and Bergen-Belsen camps, the cradle of the world exists. It is in Lille…!

This “live above all things” pedagogy, this reasoned faith in my “petite soeur l’Espérance”( my little sister HOPE) needs pedagogues in our schools, secondary and high schools, universities.

A first step has been done with the issuing of Suffering and Literature in extreme oppression, Numilog Editions, university book edited in the context of Les Bouquinales in 2013 in the Lycée des Flandres of Hazebrouck.

May pedagogue vocations arise. May the historical link between Society and European literature be now taught all over Europe, to “impact”, as English speaking people say, the millions of European citizens now in the infant, secondary , high schools and universities of our continent.

The actions initiated by the Lettres Européennes Network (acknowledged by today’s Le Monde Des Livres with an article by Florence NOIVILLE) converge in the above mentioned way: meet creators, publish on a paper or numerical media reference books, have an impact on all the pupils and students via an education system clearly showing the relation between European Literature and Society.


President of the Les Lettres Européennes Network.


European Letters and Culture  teacher at la Cité scolaire des Flandres.

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