2013 Bouquinales

The third edition of the Bouquinales had had Eric NAULLEAU as a guest of honour. In 2013, the European Letters have the pleasure to cooperate in this notorious cultural event by associating itself to the following highlights:

a)    May 4 th: Suffering and literature in extreme oppression in the Augustines Convent of Hazebrouck.

17.15: Suffering and literature, a tribute book and a round-table at the initiative of the European letters. For and the occasion of Boris Pahor’s hundredth birthday, we issued the book Suffering and literature in extreme oppression and exchanged on this theme with Boris PAHOR, Jean-Pierre MILOVANOFF, Maryla LAURENT, Françoise NAOUR. Moderating role, Françoise OBJOIS.

b) May 5 th :Literature and political science in the Augustines Convent

15.00: round-table Literature and political science based on the biography: Emile BOUTMY, Le Père de Sciences-Po. (Anne Carrière editions,2012 by François et Renaud LEBLOND.(Emile Boutmy, Sciences-Po’s Father).

Bouquinales programme.

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