Cultural promotion


Here are a few examples of Les Lettres Européennes’s contribution to noticeable cultural events

Bouquinales: one of the standard reference book Salons, north of Paris.

Since its creation in spring 2010, the Bouquinales are part of the regional literary scene. It is even a reference in the matter north of Paris and, in the prestigious Augustinian Museum, the Bouquinales gives Hazebrouck the Flemish, a European dimension. The role of the association consists in organizing round-tables, creating musical events and making people meet artists and authors.

2016 Bouquinales

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2015 Bouquinales

2014 Bouquinales

2013 Bouquinales

2012 Bouquinales

2011 Bouquinales

2010 Bouquinales

Cultural Events

Activities of Peregrine Writers

Many of the peregrine writers have participated in a number of cultural events, like the Music and Poetry Evening at Hazebrouck in May 2010. They also participated willingly at a number of public events especially those with a younger population, like Nicolas BOKOV (May 2010) and Caroline PRICE (June 2010)

 Other Cultural Events

Peregrination of Adam’s donkey in La Sorbonne.

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