Development of the teaching of European Literature in France and Europe

In a few months’ time, we shall elect our European Parliament deputies.

The Academic Network Les Lettres Européennes inspired the 1833 Council of Europe Recommendation, promoting the teaching of European Literature [FREN].

The 2 main achievements of Les Lettres Européennes in the field of French education are as follow:

a)     Creation of a module ‘Lettres et Cultures d’Europe’ (‘European Literatures and Cultures’)

b)     Creation of a ‘European Literature’ class for the 1st year undergraduates of ESPOL (European School of Political and Social Sciences- Catholic University of Lille).

Here are the exam papers which the ESPOL students worked with.

Any academic facility may benefit from this academic European Literature course, on the basis of inter-university partnerships and under their demand, or even within other contexts that are to be thought about.

This is now conceivable thanks to the Creative Europecall for tender.

The secretariat of ‘Les Lettres Européennes’ is open to any reaction you may have, and to any of your proposals concerning this educational progress toward cultural European identity (with regards to literary creation).

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