The management of ESPOL (European School of Political and Social Sciences) which opened at the beginning of the academic year in 2012 at the Lille Catholic University has wished that students would be offered a European Literature course.

The finalizing of the syllabus has been given to the Association Les Lettres Européennes, responsible for the publication of the ”Manuel universitaire  d’Histoire de la Littérature européenne ” (University Manuel of European Literature History) Edition De Boeck, as well as the choice of the contributors and, under the responsibility of ESPOL the pedagogical modalities for the degree course.

Following a rich experience in 2012, the European Literature Course is continued in 2013.

In the second semester of 2014, a lecture called The Writer and the Politician will be offered in parallel with the European Literature lecture extended for the third year in degree 1.

In September 2015, European Literature lecture is going on, as well as the lecture The Writer and the Politician.

In September 2016, European Literature lecture is still organised.

International students’ contribution


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