ESPOL 2013


               Preparatory day on Tuesday September 10 th from 9 to 12 a.m (Espol address: 83 boulevard Vauban, building C, lecture theatre C OO8).

               10.30: presentation of the different courses to the students.

1)   Guy Fontaine et Catherine Dalipagic :

Subject: Introduction to European literature (English and French): A journey through Russian literature (abstract).

Length: 2 hours in French and English from 5 to 7 pm, lecture theatre C OO8.

Date: September 18 th.

2)   Francine Rouby and Guy Fontaine.

Subject: Arts and culture during the Weimar Republic (summary).

Length: 2 hours (French from 3.50 to 5.50 pm).

Date: September 5 th

3)   Martine Declercq and Guy Fontaine

Subject: Motive of melancholy in European literature: comparison of the Weltschmerz with the world-weariness (Spleen, soleil noir, hüzun) [Abstract]

Length:  from 3.40 to 5.50 pm.

Date: October 2 nd

4)   Bernadette Gora and Guy Fontaine

Subject: A journey through Polish literature [Abstract, references, texts]

Length: 2 hours from 3.50 to 5.30 pm

Date: October 9 th


Subject: A journey through European literature                                                                                                                                     

Length: 1.30 hours from 4 to 5.30 pm

Date: October 16 th

6)   Catherine DALIPAGIC

Subject: A journey through XIX th and XX th Century Russian Literature                                                                                   

Length: from 4.55 to 5.50 pm.

Date: October 23 rd

7)   Emmeline Fontaine and Christian Ghillebaert

Subject: A journey through Spanish literature [Summary]

Length: 2 hours (in Spanish and English) from 3.50 to 5.50 pm.

Date: November 6 th

8)   Marieke VAN ACKER and Marc BUBERT


Subject: Hagiography and its impact on Medieval European Thought [summary, abstract, text extracts]


Subject: Does the romano-greek spirit constitute an ”imagined community?[Abstract]

Length: 3 hours in English and French

Date: November 20 th from 2.50 to 5.50 pm

9)   Arthur CHIMKOVITCH and Guy Fontaine

Subject: The myth of the wandering Jew in European literature and thought. [Abstract, text extracts, bibliography, texts exploiting this theme, translations]

Length: 2 hours in English from 3040 to 5050 pm.

Date: November 27 th


Examination questions

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