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In 2008, at the occasion of France’s Presidency over the European Union, the French agency for spatial studies (CNES)– successful creator of the European Rocket Ariane – paid a literary tribute to the E.U.’s scientific inventiveness.

The theme « Union and Space » was proposed to the 28 invited authors, and the diplomatic skill of the Academic Network ‘Les Lettres Européennes’ was required: for a Baltic writer, the term ‘Union’ is a reminder of tyrannical Soviet Union. ‘Space’, in the mind of a Slovenian writer deported to Dora, recalls the evil will of the Führer to build deadly flying devices…

Authors in Strasbourg

This now enables everyone to enjoy a sidereal journey through Europe’s literary sphere. ‘Les Lettres Européennes’ is in charge of inspiring confidence in each and every one of the 28 invited authors, and in encouraging them to reach a status from which they may express themselves freely. Scientific and technical skills were also required in order to find 27 literary translators in less than six months, for the respect of the European Union’s polyphony.

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