The proficiency of Les Lettres Européennes is regularly solicited mostly for queries on terminology: Must our teaching be on a part of European literature or all of the European literature as a whole? Literary panels or other committees wishing to emplace meetings with writers and invite them over for various purposes ask our network which subsequently acts as a think tank.

Counselling institutions:

On the initiative of Les Lettres Européennes, on the 17th of April 2008 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted for the Recommendation no. 1833 (Fr,Eng) and a resolution in favour of teaching European Literature all over Europe.

On the 26th of May 2011, Christian Ghillebaert, a member of Les Lettres Européennes, was received by the Vice-President of the French Senate’s Commission of Culture, Ms. Colette MELOT for his expert advice on the bill no. 25 which relates to the development of languages and regional cultures which was, subsequently, presented for its first public reading on the 30th of June 2011.

Participating in literary panels:

 Zénon 3000 and Les Lettres Européennes are associated on the project of creative writing: a collection of short stories based on the contemporary manifestation of Zeno of Elea perusing the cultural mosaic of the old “United Provinces”. Guy Fontaine is one of the judges on the panel of this literary discovery.

Participation in the media:

Participation in a programme on France5

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