Founding meeting of the working session of the enriched digital edition.

On Tuesday, June, 25th 2013 (report) from 12.30 to 4.30 pm. Numerical Excellence Center, Imaginarium, Tourcoing. First discussion round the table with the different partners of the project :

Numerical edition of the History of European Literature.

Were present :

- Mrs Kathryn Müller, responsible for Book and Culture, Lille.

- Mr Philppe Charier, Director of the multimedia library and of the Urban Community of Strassburg, Strassburg.

- Mrs Brigitte Gadouleau, administration of Culture and Book and Readind Department, Strassburg

- Mr Richard Davis, Vice president of Lille 3 University, in charge of International Relationship.

- Mr Renaud Leblond and Mrs Claire Berthier, Storylab Editions, Paris.

- Mr Dominique Tourte and Mrs Candice Gras, Invenit Editions, Lille.

- Mr Laurent Tricart, Responsible of the Excellence site Plaine Images.

- Mr Jan Jedrzejewski, Head of School of English and History Arts and Humanities Reasearch, University of Ulster.


- The European Letters Association.

*Guy Fontaine, European letters and European Cultures reacher, Lille Academy. President of The European Letters  association.

*Marie-Aimée Fontaine, secretary of the university network The European Letters.

* Mrs Martine De Clercq, Past Rector of K.U.B Brussels, Vice president.

* Mrs Francine Rouby, chair of German and German literature(CPGE, Lycée Faidherbe, Lille).

* Mr Hans Knol, Chairman Brussels Area, Banking.

* Mr Christian Ghillebaert, English and political sciences, Lille.

*Mr Marc Bubert, classics teacher, Luxemburg secondary school.


Were excused:

*Mr Jean-Jacques Pollet, Rector of the Academy of Lille.

* Mrs Françoise Polnecq, Vice President in charge of Culture at the General Council of the Nord Department.

* Mrs Souad El-Maysour, Strasburg and Strasburg Urban Community.


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