GaEun Choi presentation

On what we learned concerning « European Literature »?

I am not used to the term « European » especially when it comes to literature. I have read famous literatures of Europeans but I have never thought of them as European literatures. They were rather literatures of a person or age or a country. I learned that Europe has some things in common. They share some roots. Great letters (languages) and great thinkers that influenced not only an area, author, time but whole “Europe”. But still I find it difficult to see the picture as whole European in a short time. Rather through this course it was the most appealing that I could meet new people every week who were trying to penetrate the European literature with their perspective. And a question this course has given me to think about is whether this term “European” can be broadened to Worldly literature in this age of information and globalization. I have no answer but I think it is an interesting question.

Presentation about Montaigne (Montaigne and Zhuangzi)

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