Professor Jan Jedrezjewski, Head of School and History Arts and Humanities Research, University of Ulster wishes to associate the university authorities of the United Kingdom to such an innovating project to renew the literary and historic contents in higher education in this part of Europe(cf article).

A digital work presenting the whole History of European literature can impact a rather wide target public: pupils and secondary level teachers, professionals in the reading and book industry in Great Britain, higher education, general public. Professor Jedrezjewski proposes to support the bearers of the project by the referent authorities of the United Kingdom to get funds.

Such a digital work will have an influence on research but also on the economic world in years to come, a literary dimension but a citizenship aspect too: the term impact, the verb impact, the idea of target public in their most extensive meanings  are the key words.

This view seems to be unanimous in the audience and is echoed in a later comment by Mrs Kathryn Müller responsible for Book/Reading in Lille town council.

Martine DECLERCQ, past rector of KUB Brussels makes a short presentation of what the links and digital prolonging of The European letters could be in the scope of a European literature lecture using the resources of the going book. History, Painting, Novel and Town are mentioned and treated in the abundant diversity they know and have known amidst the European kaleidoscope.

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