Meeting in Tournai

Two mandatory dates have been taken by the Headquarters in Tournai on January 3rd.

1)   January 21st: what shall we do administratively, politically, scientifically and editorially speaking?

a)    Administratively and politically

* Everybody is supposed to have read the four files and thus can emits proposals, knowing that what is proposed and ratified by Brussels has to be done because we will be controlled in relation to the solicited financing.

* In France, a body called the Relais Culture Europe exists and Marie-Aimée FONTAINE, Francine ROUBY and Guy FONTAINE will get in relation with this body to help us in the choice and the finalizing of the project(s).

Arhur CHIMKOVITCH and Marieke VAN ACKER will do the same with the Belgian European Culture Relay. Francine ROUBY asks again Mrs Doris PACK ( President for Education and Culture in the European Parliament) so as to know what proper strategy is to be adopted for our proposals.

* In Tournai, we came to an agreement on the first stage of our project: imagining the structure of a new enriched electronic chapter for the European literature Handbook entitled European literature after the fall of the Berlin wall (1989-2009). This chapter will be a model for the thirteen other chapters, but our first meeting in Tournai showed us to what point that view was the first thing to settle.

* Guy FONTAINE and/or Francine ROUBY turn(s) to Gilles BRAUN, Counsellor by the French Minister of State Education, so as to the file in Brussels is read again and nationally  supported.

b)   Scientifically.

The Mulhouse University (where our friend and associate, Vice President of Les Lettres Européennes and holding the chair of European Literature) contemplates having a colloquium on contemporary literature and Mittel Europa. The wish of The European Letters is to actively participate to this symposium. The idea of starting an enriched digital edition of our History of European Literature will be validated and the outlines of the European Literature after the fall of the Berlin wall (1989-2009) defined.

This colloquium will be budgeted for in the Brussels file we are completing. We are waiting for proposals and suggestions from everybody and firstly from our fellow university teachers: Peter Schnyder, Peter-André Bloch, Maryla Laurent, Martine De Clercq, Josiane Paccaud, Catherine Dalipagic, Olinda Kleiman.

By January 21st we wish to receive at the electronic address of Les Lettres Européennes ( all bibliographical information on the evolution of the European literature since the fall of the Berlin wall(1989-2009). Arthur volunteers to coordinate such a work. If you have any track about the evolution of the European literature since the fall of the Berlin wall, please send to Arthur Chimkovitch (

c) Editorially.

We are already in touch with the electronic publishers met in June 25th in Tourcoing. We wish to have other proposals to add details to the file(s) we are going to draw up in Brussels. We are interested in all the suggestions from electronic publishers (the proposal for the moment is only about the 1989-2009 chapter). I am waiting for your suggestions.

We are reviving the existing contacts and looking for new ones.


2)   February 15th

There will be three weeks left to give the file in Brussels. We have identified the most necessary writers to help us finalize the file(s): Peter Schnyder, Jan Jedrezejewski, Maryla Laurent, Martine De Clerck, Céline Giton. Many thanks to them if they can be free and join in Lille, Brussels or Paris, from 10 am to 6pm, the local writers (Guy Fontaine, Francine Rouby, Marie-Aimée Fontaine, Arthur Chimkovitch, Marieke Van Acker…) at the expenses of the European Letters, so as to precisely settle a first draft of the files we will give to the European Commission. Other physical participations are welcome.

We really progress with the file on the Residence of European writers in La Chartreuse de Neuville-sous-Montreuil, without neglecting the new edition of European Fictions. Information will follow in January. Same thing for the lecture at Espol/Lille entitled The Writer and the Politician: an appointment has been made and the information increased by your proposals will be sent to you in spring 2014.

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