Multilevel Governance Charter

Here are some precisions on The Multilevel Governance Charter that the Regions Committee has opened to the signing of local communities so that elected representatives can sign the Charter.


- the link to the web site of the Charter (

- the link to a press release in French on the opening of the signature campaign: ( release available in all the languages of the EU.


Here are some details about the Charter to complete the information of these two documents:

- The Charter is not a judicially restrictive instrument but must rather be conceived as a tool allowing on one hand to send a strong political message to the European institutions and national governments (requiring better consultation and implication of the local and regional authorities in the decision making process on the European level) and on the other hand as a tool which can be freely used by the signatory towns and regions to help them get a more efficient local transposition of the European policies.

- As this regards a political message, the question of the calendar is very important, and the momentum reached for the signature campaign around the date of the European elections is crucial to improve the impact of the Charter and to ensure its being taken into account by the new team which is going to take office in Brussels after the elections( new Parliament, new Commission, new Council Presidency). We must sign quick!

- The Charter is currently open to the signature of any local or regional elected member in accordance with their mandates. They get involved in accordance with their mandates without for all that the whole local community if their mandates do not give them the capacity to do so. Once more, the Charter is not a restrictive instrument. Several local elected representatives of the same community can ratify the Charter without for all that creating a legal obligation for the concerned communities. We do not consider the signatures are redundant. The political personalities without a local or regional mandate, but wishing to support the Charter can do so and we would be glad to register their official support on a dedicated web page of the Charter site.

- finally the signature of the Charter is electronic and passes for its submission on line to a particular form accessible on the Charter site: but during this introductory period we accept to encode the signatures coming to us under the WORD format. So, I enclose in this e-mail a document (signature kit) allowing to easily sign on line, but also the WORD document (Signature-form) which can be completed, scanned and sent to the following address: to avoid using the electronic signature.


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