An enriched numerical edition( 15 manuals for Renaud LEBLOND and Claire BERTHIER/Storylab, Paris)

The work of this publisher would start before all from what exists, trying to restitute -even among numerical additions of any kind- the book form. This realization could be supported by a web site created for this occasion. This is what retains Philippe CHARRIER’s attention (manager of the Strasburg Multimedia Library). This site would enable the users, the university public and other target publics to find an extension and have an interactivity.

An enriched digital edition, under a form to be reinvented, for Dominique TOURTE and Candice GRAS (Invenit/Tourcoing)

The printing revolution has deeply modified the form of the book. From the manuscript, we passed on to the incunabulum. And the conception as well as the reading, distribution and reception have been profoundly changed since Gutenberg’s invention. Dominique TOURTE and Candice GRAS invite all the participants to share some innovative explorations allowed by the digital book.

Les Lettres Européennes have received a precise proposal from the Storylab publishers and wish a synopsis which will be sent to each participant of the meeting of June 25th. In the same manner, the same approach is asked to the Invenit publishers.

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