Publications (EN)

The members of the network of Les Lettres Européennes have contributed immeasurably towards the publication of the following major works:

Les Lettres Européennes

This manual on European Literature has become an oeuvre of reference on the literary heritage of Europe.  For students, academics, book lovers, it is now available in a new all-inclusive edition. It has already been translated or is being translated into other European languages, such a Polish.

Fictions Européennes (2008)

Under the French Presidency of the European Union, CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales/National Centre for Space Studies) asked the Academic Network of Les Lettres Européennes to consolidate the creation of 30 novelists of Contemporary European Literature as well as 26 literary translators so that the short-stories based on the Union and Space would be published as a collection in its original language as well as in French titled European Fiction.

Lettres ou le néant (2005/1987)Letters or nothingness (2005/1987)

Dictionnaire des auteurs européens (1995)Dictionary of European Authors (1995)

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