We will communicate the list of all members of Lettres Européennes, with their contact details, if there is no objection to this.
We will also send the list of areas of European literature where we have contributors and / or where we lack contributors.

We will send out as promised the definitive contributions which can be considered as representative of the symposium held in April 2015 at Lille3 university.

We would be grateful for whatever suggestions you may have as to the modus operandi, the mode of publication, the way in which your contributions can best be used, the questions which have been drawn up during the meeting at the University of Ulster in the summer of 2015 (questions to be amended, completed, reformulated etc). In addition it would be helpful to indicate the public you think we should be trying to reach.

Finally, the question of funding remains central. An email will follow with a draft letter to be sent to members of the European Parliament from the Nord / Pas-de-Calais / Picardy region (France). If you agree with this approach, it would be advisable to send a similar email to the MEPs representing the language and culture that you defend and teach (in the North, West, South, East and Centre of the European Union).

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