Reworking of the existing text in French and English, to integrate the updated submissions

a)Jan Jedrzejewski’s remarks on Chapter 15 (which sometimes apply to the work as a whole) will require it to be rewritten to make it consistent with chapter 16, for which four or five « harmonisers » will meet over the summer of 2016. This meeting will take into account the recommendations made at the March 2016 General meeting.

b) Collaboration between Jan Jedrzejewski and Dominic Ockenden to allow the latter to rework the translation of the History of European Literature Manual to produce a new edition which will be more coherent and rigorous and can be published simultaneously in English and French.

c) A computer site needs to be set up from 2016 in preparation for the updating of the work. The publisher Dominique Tourte and our colleague Bernadette Gora insited on the need for an electronic presentation of new developments in European literature.

d) A website presenting the 20 years (1997-2017) of literary production at the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar is among the proposals that Guy Fontaine, if confirmed as Artistic Director / Literary Advisor to the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar has promised to set up. This work will of course be financed by the Nord Departement, which has political and logistical responsibility for the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar. We are still waiting for an official response but the nomination has been officially confirmed by the decision-making political bodies. The links between this site and the site mentioned in c) need not be pointed out.

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