Round-table: suffering and literature

17.15: Suffering and literature, a tribute book and a round-table at the initiative of the European letters. For and the occasion of Boris Pahor’s hundredth birthday, we issued the book Suffering and literature in extreme oppression and exchanged on this theme with Boris PAHOR, Jean-Pierre MILOVANOFF, Maryla LAURENT, Françoise NAOUR. Moderating role, Françoise OBJOIS.

Suffering and literature in extreme oppression, Numilog Editions, collection Calliope, 266 pages, downloadable version available. Issue May 4 th 2013.

* Jean-Pierre MILOVANOFF (Terreur grande, Grasset 2010 Great terror).

* Boris Pahor, just coming from Slovenia in Hazebrouck to celebrate the year of his centenary, is one of the major writers of our period.

Boris PAHOR is a Slovene writer born in Trieste in 1913. When fascism and Nazism sealed off his town in 1944, he joined the Yugoslavian liberation army. Arrested and deported in different concentration camps, he recovered freedom in Lille on May 1 st 1945.

When Ulysses gets back to Trieste (Pierre-Guillaume ROUX editions, April 2013) as  most of Pahor’s novels, evokes this awful experience.

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