C. Price: impressions [E]

CAROLINE PRICE: Residency at the Cité Scolaire des Flandres,  Hazebrouck,  May 11 – June 4, 2010

11/5: Evening reading with N.Bokov, presenting our work to staff and students as well as to the general public.

12/5: 1 hr with BTS students, discussing and answering questions about my work and writing experience and also about enterprise, business and business education in England.

17/5: 1½ hrs with 2ème students of French: a presentation and discussion (in French) on the subject of a writer’s profession and the act of writing.

17/5: 2 hrs with 2ème LCE students and 3ème Latinistes: a lecture (in French) on ‘Englishness, the English language and English literature and how the three are inter-related’, followed by a reading and analysis of my own poems and a discussion of one of my short stories.

19/5: 1 hr with Terminale students, presenting a quiz on aspects of England to provoke a discussion (in English) on ‘what sums up Great Britain?’

21/5: 1 hr with 2ème students of English, leading a poetry workshop in which we read poems and created our own  »alphabet » poem (in English).

25/5: 1 hr with 2ème students: reacting to presentations (visual, artistic and dramatic) of scenes from my short story and poems, followed by discussion of my work and writing in general (French and English).

25/5: 1 hr with 2ème Altaïr students: questions/discussion, with as a starting point the themes of  ‘A writer’s profession’ and ‘The face of the other’ (English and French).

27/5: 1 hr with LCE students, leading a poetry workshop: creation of  »concrete » and « list » poems (in English).

27/5: 2 hrs with 3ème students: questions/discussion (in French) on my work and writing experience, and writing in general, followed by a session commenting on passages of creative writing done by the students (I  subsequently received 20 completed prose pieces from these students, which I commented on and returned).

1/6:   1 hr with 1ère students: questions/discussion (in English/French) on my experiences as a writer/my poetry/my relationship to France and French culture.

1/6:   1 hr with Terminales: questions/discussion on my work, my inspiration and education, and a short presentation on education in England in general (in English/French).

1/6: 1 hr with Terminales ES, answering questions about my writing experience and discussing specific poems.

1/6:   1 hr with 2ème students: questions and discussion (in French) on my work and writing career, and on writing in general.

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